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Getting expert advice on medical cannabis prescriptions shouldn't be a pain. We connect you with the doctors, pharmacists, and ongoing medical support you need. All online, across Australia. No fees or charges until you pay for your medication. Simple.

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Complete Form

Fill out a quick online medical history in less than 8 minutes to find out if you’re eligible for a medicinal cannabis prescription.

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Get Advice

Book in your FREE doctor consultation to get some expert advice on medical cannabis. Find a treatment plan that's right for you.

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Start Treatment

Our registered Australian pharmacist will express-post medication to your door, anywhere in Australia.

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Access Support

We are committed to your care. You’ll receive ongoing support from your team of healthcare professionals at no extra charge.

Am I eligible for medical cannabis?

Eligibility for medicinal cannabis is simpler than you think. You may be eligible if you tried conventional medication to treat a chronic medical condition and it failed to alleviate your symptoms or it caused side effects. That’s it.

Medical cannabis does not have to be a last resort. It just can’t be the first line of treatment.

Speak with expert doctors who consider medicinal cannabis as a possible treatment alternative. All done via telehealth from the comfort of your home.

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How medicinal cannabis prescriptions work

hellomello™ connects you with an expert practitioner, who will discuss the right treatment for you. All via a free Medicare-backed telehealth consultation, where applicable. If eligible, you may receive a prescription for medicinal cannabis.

A registered Australian pharmacy will process your prescription and send your medication to you via free express postage. Repeat scripts are delivered automatically. On time, every time.

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Our team of medical cannabis experts

Dr Simon Rose - General Practitioner

In his 40 years’ experience, Dr Rose has received a Centenary Medal for services to medicine, founded the First Step Clinic in Melbourne for addiction and mental disorders, and worked across rural and remote Australia. He is a TGA-approved Authorised Prescriber of medicinal cannabis.

Jason Silvester - Nurse Practitioner

With a Masters from both Deakin University and the University of Melbourne, Jason Silvester is a registered nurse practitioner with over 13 years of experience (and more than 18 months working in the medicinal cannabis field).

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Let's put chronic illness to bed.

That relentless voice inside your head.
Those gnawing aches every time you get up.
Chronic illness is exactly that, it doesn't go away.

We believe it's time it did.

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