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Your treatment journey may involve some trial and error. Be comfortable knowing that accessing our clinical team is $0 out of pocket at all times.

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Your natural medicine journey may be filled with questions. We offer complimentary screening consults to assist you along your way.

Continuity of care

We know that alternative treatments can be complex and the path is never straightforward. That's why we provide a guiding hand as part of the package, every step of the way.

Our warm and friendly medical team

Dr Simon Rose
Head of Medical Team
General Practitioner

AHPRA Registered
Authorised Prescriber

In his 40 years’ experience, Dr Rose has received a Centenary Medal for services to medicine, founded the First Step Clinic in Melbourne for addiction and mental disorders, and worked across rural and remote Australia. He is a TGA-approved Authorised Prescriber of alternative medicine.

Dr Sam Johnson
Medical Practitioner

AHPRA Registered
Authorised Prescriber

Sam has a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Science as well as a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Melbourne where he completed his studies in 2017. During his clinical work he developed an interest in alternative methods of pain management which led to pursuing further study in alternative natural medicine. As a member of ANZCCP he became an authorised prescriber of alternative medicine.

Craig Frawley
Head Pharmacist

AHPRA Registered

Craig is a Precision Medicine Pharmacist with Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation degrees from Monash University, Charles Sturt University and Swinburne University. Craig is also the Founding Director of the CANNect Group, an education services provider to cannabinoid prescribers around Australia.

Shannan Opia
Nurse Practitioner

AHPRA Registered

Shannan has over 20 years of clinical experience, and has been working as a Nurse Practitioner in General Practice since 2016. She developed an interest in alternative medicine in 2018, after seeing many of her General Practice clients experiencing great outcomes from treatment therapies.

Ellen Lowry
Nurse Practitioner

AHPRA Registered

With a long career across a wide range of specialties, Ellen has worked in the area of mental health for the past 30 years. She gained a Masters of Nurse Practitioner studies in 2017, focusing in the area of mental health. Ellen enjoys providing compassionate care to all with a particular love for supporting regional and rural Australians who may find it hard to access health support services.

Victoria Calleja
Nurse Practitioner

AHPRA Registered

With over 30 years of nursing experience and a background in Postgraduate studies in Mental Health and Primary Health Nursing, Victoria holds a Masters in Nursing Practice degree (Nurse Practitioner). She has experience in Mental Health, Primary Health and Chronic Pain management. Victoria is dedicated to providing high standards of clinical care and supporting patients through their individual journeys.

Nurse Practitioner

AHPRA Registered

Nisaar is a trained and experienced emergency nurse practitioner who has special interest in alternative medicine. With a master’s degree in advanced nursing practice from the University of Melbourne, he is passionate using alternate natural treatment for chronic health conditions. In his career, Nisaar has worked in a variety of health disciplines and is confident working with alternative medicine.

Clinic Manager

AHPRA Registered

Kate has worked for over 16 years in aged care and mental health, holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Mental Health Nursing. With diverse experience in inpatient and community settings, Dementia Services, and forensics, she's been a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Australia since 2019. Specialising in chronic pain, Parkinson's Disease, dementia, and older person's mental health


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